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Tweet Tactics 2012: First Look

October 29, 2011

tweetclean social technocracy unleashed

TweetClean TweetTactics Logo 2012


Welcome to the first look at TweetClean Tweet Tactics for 2012.

This end of year we are ramping up for the amazing 2012 year ahead.  I have personally chosen to redesign my website from the ground up using google, alexa, facebook, twitter, linkedin and many other systems to build myself a top quality website in 2012.   I am inviting you to join me for these free lessons.

Through the miracle of streaming media and the new Microsoft Silverlight interface, you are going to see amazing things happen.  I have chosen to be completely open about how I perform everything from setting up a new website to developing a strong presence in the social media marketplace.


tweetclean social technocracy unleashed

Tweet Tactics First Look Video


This first video, Tweet Tactics 2012: First Look, will help set the stage for the other lessons to come.  I discuss my basic tools, websites, hosting and other important platforms.  I discuss the TweetClean Proprietary Scoring system that is so simple that you will wonder why you never thought of it before.

If you are looking to monetize your time spent in twitter, this series is definitely something you will want to follow.  I hope, as with all my articles, you find this information helpful in learning to work your way through the digital miasma of the social networking environment.


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