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October 28, 2011


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Top Ten Twitter Tips

The first thing that people always ask me is if I have any inside tips for people that are just starting out on twitter.  I think back on my first start on twitter and how it was such an overwhelming environment.  It took me a long time to put together who was talking to who, who was talking to me and who I was speaking to at any given moment in time.

I began to develop my own personal set of protocols for interacting on twitter.  I divided them into two groups.  The first was a gr0up I called tips and the second is a group I called etiquette.  I hope that you find this first list of twitter tips helpful to you as you journey into the world of social networking.  Remember, play nice in the sandbox of life and be respectful of everyone you encounter.


  1. #tip – Limit your tweets to 120 characters to allow room for a retweet.

    1. Right off the bat you are looking to develop your penetration.  This is a tactic that simply addresses the power of the retweet in the twitter environment.  Anyone who retweets you shows your tweet to their entire list of followers.  leaving off the last 20 characters in reserve for retweets is one way to guarantee people can easily retweet you with the click of a button.
    2. This tactic should be applied to all of your tweets and direct messages.  Start off right, discipline yourself to maximize your penetration.
  2. #tip for best RT chances original 2.use a link 3.keep it under 120 chars 4.use a url shortener

    1. Again, the Retweet is the most important tool you can use in achieving depth of penetration for your message.
    2. Be original, using links, keeping under 120 characters and using approved url shorteners is a guaranteed way to improve your seo backlinks for you links.
  3. #tip twitter change to TOS jan 15, 2010 no longer allows auto-unfollow. If you use an auto-unfollow or auto-block tool stop now.

    1. If you are going to tweet, tweet clean.  Learning to play by the rules is a very critical component to your success in the twitter social environment.
    2. Learn to utilize tools to monitor your followers and the people you are following.  If you are using any tools that automatically unfollow anyone based on a computer algorithm, your twitter account is in jeapordy.
    3. Every online agency will have their own rules.  Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc will only pay the benefits they promise if you are willing to play by the rules from the start.
  4. #tip – Followback new followers within 24 hrs. Some will unfollow you after that time.

    1. If you are, in fact, looking to build a massive following and not just talk with a group of small friends then this tactic is definitely one you need to adhere to.
    2. Most people are looking for instant gratification and are running smaller lists than you maintain.  They will be watching to see who is following back and maintaining their lists closely.  Make sure you maintain your lists twice as closely.
  5. #tip – Insert up to 3 hashtags (the # symbol) to make your tweets searchable.

    1. Hashtags are formed by using the # symbol and a word to group a topic such as #baseball.
    2. Hashtags are the way twitter users categorize twitters posts.  For example, you might see the hashtag #FF or #FollowFriday and that is a way to make a post easily found by searching on hashtags used within the post.
    3. Many twitter users try to be the first to establish hashtags to give their accounts greater credibility.
  6. #tip my twitter #followers exploded when I stopped talking about myself and my product and started talking about people I #follow.

    1. Quite honestly, I came to twitter to earn a living.  I tried to sell myself every day I was online.  It didn’t take me long to learn that everyone has something unique to say and services like twitter, facebook and linkedin give them a voice to do so.
    2. Calling attention to other people’s efforts is a surefire way to involve people in your goals and visions.  It is called the circle of reciprocity.  Please see my article at hub pages entitled The Circle of Reciprocity.
    3. When you tweet about other people’s vision, they will tweet about yours.  Formulate your posts carefully and show the people who support you that they matter.
  7. #tip use a url shortening service in your tweets to allow for more room to explain it. is free and has stats tracking.

    1. Simple is as simple does. Want more room in your tweets, us a url shortening service.
    2. was always a popular shortening service because it would give you stats about which of your urls were being clicked on along with metrics.
    3. allows you to not only to track stats, utilize a shortening service and save room, but it also impacts your SEO because you are formulating a strategy by incorporating google tools seamlessly into your website.
  8. #tip – If you experience problems with Twitter, visit the twitter help center   .

    1. Quite simply, you cannot work in an environment without technical support.  This is the official link to all your twitter technical support needs as well as a place you can enter support tickets and communicate directly with twitter.
  9. #tip Twitter Official Following Limits and Best Practices  .

    1. let’s face it, if you are trying to build a great twitter account you are going to have to learn about following limits and best practices.
    2. This document outlines all of the twitter policies about the best way to follow, unfollow, build and trim your userbase.
    3. Learn about things such as ‘churning’, learn about the 1.1 follow ratio rule and how to get whitelisted.
  10. #tip as you grow and start to automate always take time each day to personally thank the people who support you.

    1. If you are going to grow, grow, grow then you need to be sure you take the time to personally interact with your users every day.
    2. People, for the most part, accept that you will engage in some automation.  Twitter is open 24 hours a day and people will expect to see interaction from you.  I try to keep three personal posts to every business post I make with a link in it every day.
    3. Remember to try to incorporate all of the organic methods that were successful for you as you grew your twitter list and do not let automation take the place of good old face to face mom and pop business strategies.
I hope you found this article useful and look forward to hearing your thoughts.  Make sure you drop me a line on twitter and let me know what you thought.
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