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Social Review: Art in motion with Marla Mase

November 28, 2011


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Social Review: Art in Motion with Marla Mase

Strength, Insight, Truth and Grace

Let me tell you about Marla Mase

I remember the first day I heard Marla’s music and I was transfixed from the moment it washed over me.

A few weeks later, Marla was appearing on a talk show that I was doing some engineering for. I remember fumbling over my words and finding my reaction unusual for I had long ago learned that celebrity did not phase me. I had listened to her music for the past few weeks and had heard a dark piece of myself within the truth of her lyrics and the strength of her voice. It was an album that I instantly felt at home with in my headphones at night and I also felt at home the minute she started speaking.

Who is Marla Mase? Her bio will tell you that she has an MA in writing and performance from NYU and is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Society. It will also tell you that she has written a Rock Opera, A Brief Night Out.  This show has definitively shown Marla as creating a new theatrical genre – Rock-n-Roll Theatre Noir.  Her newest work, Speak, is totally all over the board Mase from sultry to straight talk.

Personally, I can’t really say I know the artist very well though I have listened to her work over and over. After that night, Marla was kind enough to keep in touch with me. We talked about New York, Phoenix, musical interests, hurricanes, holidays and we talked about her children. Interestingly enough, she wanted to know about my children as well. I think I connected with Marla as a single parent who has seen a lot and just needed to give voice to her inner compass.  I actually find her to be a power of example and I hope you listen to her message as well as her music.

This is a clip on YouTube of Marla performing Gaping Hole, live.



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