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The Monster Truck To Mars

November 26, 2011


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The Monster Truck To Mars

NASA launches 154 million mile 8 month voyage

Curiosity will seek life, past and present on the red planet

Curiosity will land on Mars in 8 months and search for life within the large ice sheets under the surface of our neighboring planet.

“Curiosity is a six-wheeled rover standing more than six feet tall, able to drive long distances under an martian sun, analyzing rock and soil samples and sending the results back to earth.”

Scientists are planning to land Curiosity in the Gael Crater, an elevated area that is filled with silt deposits. Curiosity’s main mission, to determine if life is or ever was on the planet of Mars. Scientists have taken every precaution to insure that Curiosity does not bring any Earth bound germs along for the journey and contaminate the planet. Curiosity begins it’s 8 month voyage on man’s most agressive exploration of the Martian planet.


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First five minutes of the launch from Nasa.


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