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Tweet Tactics 2012: Behind the Scenes – Crafting Articles

November 8, 2011

tweetclean social technocracy unleashedLearn to build an excellent article.

This is how you earn rewards in the circle of reciprocity by giving freely.

This video deals with crafting excellent articles to begin your pursuit of Adsense rewards.  Google is the ultimate authority in determining what is of value and what is not.  I takes you through my personal process and how I build an article from start to finish.  I explain that articles are the standard way you will earn money online and learning to wield this weapon early will aid you in your goals to succeed.  Spend 22 minutes with me as I take you through what klout says I do.  They say I am a specialist in the field of revolution and business marketing.

I focus on Google Adsense as a sponsor, Godaddy and Amazon as clients and show you how to build well crafted articles to meet Google’s new stringent standards.  Why I use keywords, what SEO descriptions are for. What is the key secret that 99% of people overlook when building an SEO designed traffic stream project.  Finally I takes us on a quick voyage to the external worlds outside of twitter that affect our twitter standings more than you realize. Filled with my usual banter and non-stop tips, tricks and inside information, this video will make an excellent addition to your already growing TweetClean library.

As with all of our paid products, I have prepared an 8 minute behind the scenes look at how I build articles and how I build these Tweet Tactic video series. I give you a ton of inside tips and tricks even in this 8 minute behind the scenes look. I hope you will enjoy this short presentation and consider buying the complete video for your business technology collection.  Finally, I show you how you can begin to start playing SEO Baron even if you don’t have a website and want to get started today.  I have extended an invitation to people who wish to write articles for us to share in the revenue and use your Google Adsense right here on this very website.

I look forward to your comments and my continued work with teaching you about SEO, Social Media and the online world.


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Special Bonus Added 12/23/2012 – Full Version of the Crafting Articles Video.  I hope you find it useful.

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2 Responses to Tweet Tactics 2012: Behind the Scenes – Crafting Articles

  1. jebuff
    November 8, 2011 at 5:33 am

    Looks good Bob! Being a neophyte in all this, I had to look up SEO… “Search engine optimization”.
    What I need first (and perhaps other readers too) is a glossary!
    Will continue to follow.

  2. Bob Cristello
    November 8, 2011 at 5:50 am

    You know Jeb, my son Anthony asked me the same question. I agree that I need to build a small dictionary or lexicon for quick translation. I cannot tell you enough how much it means that you would even take a look at my work Jeb. Thank you for the comments and your continued support.

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