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Tweetclean Social Review – Marie Wikle is truly spreading Joy

November 5, 2011


Angels of mercy come in all shapes and forms.

Meet Marie Wikle, personal friend, amazing human being and just being herself.

When it comes to spreading joy, Marie Wikle is no stranger to the challenges that living a selfless existence can bring.

When I first met Marie in a quiet, dark, out of the way radio station in the digital realm we all move through daily; I was struck by her infectious exuberance. I was not even speaking, I was just listening to everything and mixing it live. It was the same, the job, the shift, the questions, being polite, I was being a part of something. Then suddenly, there is was. Faith.

It was not the faith of my grandfather or of my grandmother, but it reminded me of that. It was not the faith of my family, but it reminded me of that too. It was not really, the faith at all when I thought about it. Listening to Marie, for me, was like listening to a musician singing about faith, crafting a melody that moved through me and anyone who was listening. I had never heard faith in quite that way before and I was inspired.

Marie has this to say about herself, and her outlook on her calling.

“I love Social Media and the reach it gives me. I also love meeting people, encouraging and teaching others in PERSON just how easy it is to make a difference with little to no resources. I enjoy teaching and helping others to see the million little things swirling all about them that should make their life big, but circumstances has placed blinders on them and they forget to notice those wonderful little things.”

 Marie’s work includes school children, battered women, and educating the public to the needs of those around us who need our generosity more than ever. The 30 days to spreading joy program, basic computer training to aid in job placement and her focus on empowering children were the passions of hers that most affected me. I know if you will take a few moments, you will be affected by her message as well.

The Mission Statement for makes it very clear what her intent is.

” By placing our focus on others, Spreading Joy Corporation will aid in restoring hope to those who would otherwise feel there is no use to try and make a difference. Many people often forget that “there is no joy like spreading joy” and think that if they cannot give big – that they will not make a difference which is simply not true. Each gift, regardless of its size or type, makes a HUGE impact. You never know which gift will make a life changing impact.”

What moved me the most was what Marie asked of me when I inquired about helping. She would say to me, can you help me think of ways to raise $150.00 to get a few things over here. Can we possibly get a small amount coming in over there. Honestly, I was stunned by the level of humility that Marie always displays.

Joe Fernandez, CEO of says that anyone with a klout score in the 40s, 50s or 60s is a serious influence on the world today. klout says that Marie scores a 57 and is a major influence in the areas of Christianity and spirituality. She is one of those people that just affect everyone around them being nothing more, or less, than herself at all times. She focuses on what moves her and it moves everyone around her.

I hope you will take the time to get to know Marie and visit her website and follow her efforts. I do encourage that if you have any small amount to donate, this is a safe place to do that and will enrich the lives of others. If you do not have anything but time, contact Marie and I am sure she would consider that a greater donation than money.

If you are interested in getting to know Marie and aid in her mission, visit the following places:

Spreading Joy Website

Follow Marie on Twitter

See how Marie influences the world today on klout

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