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TweetClean Technology News: What is klout?

November 5, 2011

tweetclean social technocracy unleashed

TweetClean Technology News: What is klout?

Everyone has klout – discover yours today.

Your Social Media Credit Score could boost your actual Credit Score and more.

Everyone has been populating the internet with information for years and it is about time that people recognized who influences what.

Enter Joe Fernandez, CEO of klout who actually only has a klout score of 66 himself he points out.  He took the model of his own Credit Score and how it impacted his ability to function in today’s society and built the first online Social Media Credit Score rating company.

Fernandez makes the point that if two candidates were sitting in front of him for a job and both had equal skills, he would find which one had made the most impact on the world wide web around his career choice.  He would ask questions about articles, followings and people who would be influenced by your passion for your work.  I believe that in today’s job market, any good CEO would do that regardless if he knew what social media was about or not.  He said that more and more, people are putting their klout score on their resume.

One of my first encounters in the Technology influence discipline was Robert Scoble. I was amazed to see him sitting there with a klout sore of 80.  Robert gave me my first break and a very large writing assignment at the then fledgling Visual Basic Programmers Journal in 1993. Robert was a huge influence on my career and my life and I had lost track of him over the years. In my first encounter on klout I had a synchronistic with the man who launched my technical writing career.  I was sold in the first ten minutes.

I listened to the affable Mr. Fernandez, and was struck by the simple logic of every statement he made.  He felt that any workforce would desire anyone with the ability to hold and maintain an audience in an age where everyone is constantly broadcasting.

When asked what a good Social Media Credit Score was he stated, “About 20 is pretty good“.  When asked the range,  he once again quickly replied, “The range is 1 to 100.  If anyone is in the 40′s, 50′s or 60′s, they have serious influence. When they talk about really specific topics they are able to really have an impact.”

klout has facillitated giving away everything from automobiles for the weekend to hotels, plane tickets and many more klout perks.  To find out what you are qualified for, you simply have to go to klout and find out what your circle of influence is.



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