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Bob Cristello: Truth Is Overtaking Me Today – Studio Cut

December 15, 2011

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This is studio cut 009 of Truth Is Overtaking Me Today, the title song on my upcoming release.


This song was written for 6 instruments.  A full sized Roland TD-6 playable electronic drum set, a Fender Rhodes, a clean Fender Stratocaster (yes a maple neck of course) , a chunky Fender Stratocaster, a Left handed Fender Bassman keyboard and a high ethereal organ sound.  I wound up using three vocals and a total of 13 tracks on a Korg D16Xd.  All keyboard parts were played on an Alesis QS6.1.

I chose to release a studio cut because a few people have been encouraging me to take the steps to move my music from somewhere inside myself and show it to the world.  Playing music is really nothing new for me and many people have told me I seem the happiest and most myself when I am playing an instrument.  I am sure you can hear many of my influences in this piece.  I wanted to write a song primarily for the keyboard that would serve as the title cut on my upcoming mini-cd.

I chose the Fender Rhodes/Left Hand Fender Bassman keyboards setup to tip my hat to Ray Manzarek who is one of my strongest keyboard influences.  I am sure you can hear The Beatles, Deep purple, Jimmy Page, Alice Cooper and Frank Sinatra.  I also hope you hear the many teachers and students who have influenced me over the years.  I also hope, you hear something of what makes me, uniquely me in this short song.  It is the way I play and write music and I had a lot of fun putting this studio cut together.

I hope you enjoy this audio and look forward to your comments.


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Bob Cristello: Truth Is Overtaking Me Today
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