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Emoticons: The Downfall Of Civilization

December 1, 2011

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Emoticons: The Downfall of Civilization

Today emoticons, tomorrow chaos.

Jim Bell Executive Producer of MSNBC’s Today show - ‘Not good.’

Emoticons are here to stay and have appeared everywhere from chat rooms to board rooms and yes even the New York Times.

Terms from NewSpeak crowded my youthful nightmares. Is Social Media the Orwellian future of 1984? New York Times suggests an emoticon here because I like you.

I am reminded of late hours in a quiet preparatory for life school in Bath, ME, and wild imaginings of a future where terms like doubleplusgood and NewSpeak crowded into my inner nightmares.  Is social media the Orwellian future that 1984 warned us of? According to this video, I should put an emoticon at the end of this thought to show that I still like you.

While 1984, and another George Orwell novel Animal Farm, were required reading in my youth I did not have the distraction’s that the youth of today have. I can remember a close friend being amazed that I could not study wearing headphones in my teens. As an adult I know now that it was because I was a musician and I heard that music differently than she did. It took me from the work I wanted to focus on. If I had to deal with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Klout and other things that today’s kids have to deal with then I would probably be lost by now.

I used to laugh when one of my mentors said to me, “Bobby, you have been educated beyond your intelligence”. Now I often say that I don’t even know what I don’t even know. I know that I have had to deal with keeping business emails very business-like and I am often accused of being very rigid. I believe it was just the way I was taught to communicate. I think it is a statement of who we are when we have to have people explain things to us like Philip Galanes, author of “Social Q’s”. Here is what he has this to say about emoticons and the social media environment the world is turning into. “I think the emoticons are a reaching back to find facial expressions and tones of voice that were missing from our all text all the time life that we’re living now. it’s sweet that way and kind of human.”

Mister Galanes goes on to explain to us that emoticons should never be used when communicating with your boss. When Jim Bell, of MSNBC “Today” received an email of this nature from one of his employees researching this article, his answer was simply “Not Good”.

I hope you enjoy this article and look forward to your comments.



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