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Soft Bodied Robots Created At Harvard

December 21, 2011


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Soft Bodied Robots Created At Harvard

Professor Whitesides takes inspiration from the squid.

Applications from surgery to search and rescue abound.

Professor George M. Whitesides takes inspiration from the squid to develop soft-bodied robots to aid in surgery, search and rescue and operate in hostile environments.

Designed to operate in tight , narrow and hostile environments that no standard robots could enter, the flexible robot is made from a resin that is used in creating breast implants.  Currently on a short leash that pumps air in and out of the cells of the robot using a computer, the robot can easily penetrate places that current robotics technology cannot.


Professor Whitesides tells us that he envisions many applications for his creation.  High on his list is the use of these robots in surgical environments as an aid to the surgeon in performing intricate operates.  He further goes on to tell us to imagine an earthquake, with a building half fallen and his robots being able to enter and evaluate the situation without any risk to human life.

Post-doctoral fellow Adam Stokes, working along with the Professor Whitesides, states that while the harness is currently limiting that the robot can work in sand, mud and other places that would destroy current technology.



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