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Who is listening?

December 1, 2011

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Who is listening?

What is the bigger picture?

How to hear by listening.

I have always taught my students that music begins and ends in silence.

There is that moment, when everything is dark, and everyone in the room is waiting to see what will happen next. The lights then flood on and everything begins. Everyone knows there are many people involved in what is going on, both onstage and off. There is a start, there is a body and then an end. After the applause and the lights, you review your performance again. It is your system, your engine and sometimes you practice for hours before you go to the next gig.

These are the five things, in my opinion, you need to do in order to know you are being heard. Notice I did not include, listening. See, these five things are my opinion. Listening is something you need to do and that is just a fact.

1. Use a statistics system – New Stat Press

I swear by WordPress and I swear by statistics. There is a natural entropy as stats turn into conversions. New Stat Press is a proven effective tool to manage your master raw stats in your blog or your landing page system.

2. Listen to my twitter mentions stream

You are going to see in your mentions column if people are real, automated or just on auto-pilot. The mentions column on twitter is my single greatest source of feedback about who is listening. I also yse tweetdeck, a free tool to manage that timeline. Other tools like Hootsuite are just as effective.

3. Have one-time posting system and a daily posting system.

Post once in your bigger picture network and daily on systems like twitter that encourage it. Act within the rules and limits at all times. Set your daily sites below the system daily limits you are working with.

4. Give rewards of a social nature to your friends.

Call it Circles, Groups, Friends Lists or being Linked, everyone wants to be whatever they do for you back in return. It is a system based on reciprocity and you have to give to get. Reward people and tell it to the world. You will get the same treatment in return.

5. Keep your eye on the bigger picture.

Why is klout such a huge part of the bigger picture? For no other reason than a tool to easily acquire and follow people who have their eyes set on the same horizons that you do. You can instantly follow someone on twitter, facebook, linkedIn, Youtube, google+ and many other services for free. Not only does this help your klout score, but elevates you in the eyes of a large majority of your current audience. Also, your future audience.

I hope you enjoy this video and look forward to your comments.


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