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Klout gets a facelift

January 6, 2012
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klout gets a facelift

Interconnected Interface Inspires

Expanded influencers grow as klout extends its reach

Beyond the perks and the new slick interface, klout takes a bold and inspired step to fulfilling it’s potential as the first online Social Media Credit Score rating company.

Joe Fernandez, CEO of klout, took the model of his own Credit Score and how it impacted his ability to function in today’s society and built the first online Social Media Credit Score rating company. Fernandez has talked about the impact of klout on today’s job marketplace. If two candidates were sitting in front of him for a job and both had equal skills, he would find which one had made the most impact on the world wide web around his career choice. He would ask questions about articles, followings and people who would be influenced by your passion for your work. I believe that in today’s job market, any good CEO would do that regardless if he knew what social media was about or not. He said that more and more, people are putting their klout score on their resume.

My personal experience with klout has been extremely positive. You can read my original article, What Is klout?, here. I can easily focus on Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and klout is adding new services monthly. In this 8 minute video I focus on the major changes to the new klout interface. The primary change that caught my eye was the ability to import my friends lists from both twitter and facebook. With the ability to tie into accounts across multiple services it is easier to expand my overall social media presence using klout as a dashboard. I think klout is moving in the right direction as far as helping individuals increase their exposure and cement their validity in today’s social media environment.

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