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Tweepi – A Twitter Tool

January 12, 2012
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Tweepi - A Twitter Tool

Manage your followers

The best third party management tool for twitter users

Tweepi is the best free third party tool on the marketplace to address the needs of managing your twitter friends and followers.

The ability to manage followers and friends has long been a difficult task for the twitter user. For a long time, tools performed the tasks of auto-following, auto-unfollowing and auto-seeking of new followers. Entire enterprises grew on the premise that taking advantage of twitter’s lax stance on the number of people you could follow. Alas, as with all everything, twitter changed their rules. I began writing about this in 2009 and here we are in 2012 and the twitter rules and regulations are more stringent than ever. The only auto-follow they do allow is the ability to automatically follow back, someone who initiates a follow on you. The twitter guidelines for automation and best practices is another good read for people intending to grow large healthy twitter accounts.

Enter tweepi, a tool to manage twitter friends and followers. An innovative, oAuth and twitter API compliant, web based system that will work as long as you can navigate to a web page. It allows you to manage and isolate people you follow that do not follow you back. It also allows you to find new followers by following people your friends follow. Grow your network at an amazing rate while keeping it clean and doing it all within the twitter terms of service.

Install Microsoft Silverlight

The free version has been enough for me to use for a very long time but the paid upgrades do offer many attractive alternatives. The ability to see 200 users per page, to see your entire history, to manage your twitter lists from inside of tweepi just to name a few. I enjoyed making this video as I really think this tool is the best out there at doing what it does within the twitter environment.

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