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Tweet Tactics 2012: What is Follow Friday?

January 7, 2012
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Tweet Tactics 2012: What is Follow Friday?

One of Two Spike Days

TweetClean Video discussing the impact of Follow Friday

Follow Friday, long the tool the Twitter user, is now a critical weapon in an arsenal to expand your social media presence in Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

In this chapter of my Tweet Tactics 2012 Video Series, I take a substantial look at one of the two peak traffic days in twitter, Follow Friday. Follow Friday has a long standing in Twitter that is a testament to the true power of social media, the ability for the users to craft the environment. The hashtags #FF or #FollowFriday are both considered to be acceptable though I opt for the shorter #FF myself. Follow Friday began as an ‘in the know’ way for people to bump their followers lists every week. It began as a day when people were allowed to openly promote other twitter based on the etiquette of the times. The protocol became more formalized as time went on, still based on what was acceptable to the community. Follow Friday is not a Twitter sanctioned event or experience and it is not an excuse to randomly spam.

Two metrics prove the validity and consistencey of Follow Friday. The traffic to my website and the large numbers of followers I get on Friday and Saturday, versus followers I get on other days of the week. This ten minute video is part of my Tweet Tactics 2012 series. I first wrote about Follow Friday in 2009 and, as with that video, it is one of the chapters I will always allow to be free though I will accept donations for copies. The other day you want to look into as far as increasing your traffic is Music Monday and the article I wrote about it.

The importance of Follow Friday on other networks is stressed here. Using klout, I can see my retweets and influence higher on a day like Follow Friday. The klout interface lets me talk to my friends across Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and this allows my usual Follow Friday Twitter experience to become an organization wide media day for my entire social media network.  The other spike day can be seen in my video about Music Monday here.

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