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Robert A Cristello

Robert Cristello is a semi-retired technology consultant living in Phoenix, AZ.  His articles on technology have appeared in Visual Basic Programmers Journal, Byte, Infoworld and Computer Telephony magazines to name a few.  He is the former Head of Computer Sciences at the Hyde School, Visual Basic Bootcamp Instructor and Microsoft Developer Days keynote speaker.Bob left corporate America while the Head of Internal Development for Rebar International, after Rebar’s main offices were destroyed in the September 11th, 2001 attack on the United States. He was one of the original consultants when Prodigy online moved from Cobol to Visual Basic as its main platform. He has since taught hundreds of people to use SEO, Google Adsense, Ebay and the social networking platforms of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to earn a comfortable living from home.Bob spends most of his time these days lecturing across the United States on the implementation of the social network, acting as a Technology Fitness Trainer and is the founder of the Social Technocracy movement.

For private or business consultations, Bob can be reached at @tweetclean or
Pertinent Points of Interest
  • Microsoft Silverlight 5.0 Beta Participant
  • Keynote Speaker, Microsoft Devcast February 1995 on OLE Object Development and ActiveX Technology
  • Former Visual Basic Bootcamp{TM} Instructor
  • Feature Article June 1995 – Visual Basic Programmer’s Journal, January 1996 – Avatar Magazine, 1996 Computer Telephony Magazine, and some specialty articles for the .pdf community using Visual Basic and the Acrobat API.
  • Special Consultant to the original Prodigy Online Services organization as they migrated from Cobol/Unix to Microsoft technologies.
  • ASP, HTML, DHTML, COM, DCOM, MTS, VBScript, IIS, Certificate Server Web Development Experience
  • Extensive Visual Basic Project Management and Technical Lead Experience to include Visual Source Safe, PVCS Tracker, Technical Specification Development, Functional Specification Development, E-R modeling and other pertinent project management skills.
  • Acess / SQL Server / MYSQL / ODBC Connectivity / Extensive Client / Server Development Experience
  • Visual Basic 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0/.NET (through 2010) Beta Program Participant
  • COM / DCOM / ODBC / TAPI / MAPI / OLE / OLE Automation / SNMP / TCP/IP programming Experience with Visual Basic.
  • ActiveX Development for Custom Application and Internet programming Experience
  • Intimate working knowledge with 16bit/32bit Windows API
  • WindowsNT, Win95, Win98, Windows Terminal Server, Win2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7  and SQL Server Beta Program Participant
  • Linux, Unix, CGI, PERL, TCL and PHP development for Internet Applications
  • US Military training on Honeywell level 6 mainframe and Cobol programming.

Work Experience

[2007- Present]
Independent Social Networking Lecturer and Consultant

I provide consultation, instruction, mentoring and development of systems for offline companies that wish to bring their brand to the online marketplace.

Owner/Operator of Global Drop Off – Sarongs Unlimited [2002 - 2007]
Developed two storefront locations in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Developed the Ebay Drop Off Store Concept and worked with Ebay and UPS as a certified Ebay Assistant to develop a national program of drop off centers utilizing UPS, Ebay and Paypal. Developed Web and Desktop based Ebay tools that were sold online and offline. Lectured in Major US Cities on the benefit of Ebay as a residual income source. Maintained a 100% customer satisfaction level score (and still do today) with all purchases and sales within the Ebay/Paypal system.



REBAR IDG(2000-2002)
TEAM LEAD Responsible for staffing and managing a 17 person, Internet Development team. Managed, and acted as technical lead on multiple projects through full life cycle of development. Technologies focused on Microsoft centric technologies (ASP, MTS, COM, SQL-Server, IIS) for all internal organizations under the REBAR umbrella to include inter, intra, and extra-net global projects. Developed an intra-net of online management tools to include project, task and time tracking using Visual Basic COM, ASP, MTS , SQL Server 2000 on a Windows 2000 server system. Responsible for training, research and development into the .NET technologies. (1999 – 2000)
Technical Lead Responsible for design and implementation of an online self-service student loan-processing center. System was designed for NT 4.0 using IIS and MTS with Visual basic 6.0 DCOM business objects communicating to SQL Server, DB2 and CICS back end repositories to display information via the World Wide Web using ASP developed via Visual Interdev. Managed a five person team of developers, implemented test plans, promotion through DEV , QA and Production while coordinating with teams in three states. Also responsible for R&D of the system on a Windows 2000 DNA server, technical specifications, time estimation and standard progress reporting.


Hyde School (1986 – 1992)
Director of Computer Sciences, Performing Arts Director at the Hyde School in Bath, Maine. Curriculum design for both departments and responsible for all on-site IT for the entire campus. Coached football, wrestling and tennis.  Developed one of the first Educational Networks in the state of Maine that was campus wide utilizing Windows 3.1 and Novell.  Was responsible for all travel arrangements and logistics for the schools travelling performing arts show.



US Army (1979 – 1984)
Nike Hercules Nuclear Missile Guidance System technician. Reassigned to the Computer Sciences Division on Schofield Barracks Hawaii in 1982. Orginal cobol developer on the US Army MUMPS system designed in Cobol to run on a Honeywell Level VI mainframe.