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TweetClean Social Review

Social Review: Art in motion with Marla Mase

November 28, 2011
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Strength, Insight, Truth and Grace. Let me tell you about Marla Mase. I remember the first day I heard Marla's music and I was transfixed from the moment it washed over me. A few weeks later, Marla was appearing on a talk show that I was doing some engineering for. I remember fumbling over my words and finding my reaction unusual for I had long ago learned that celebrity did not phase me. I had listened to her music for the past few weeks and had heard a dark piece…

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Tweetclean Social Review – Marie Wikle is truly spreading Joy

November 5, 2011

With nothing more than a dream, the passion to make a difference and an unerring sense of faith, Marie Wikle affects the world today. She truly is spreading joy. When it comes to spreading joy, Marie Wikle is no stranger to the challenges that living a selfless existence can bring. It was not the faith of my grandfather or of my grandmother, but it reminded me of that.

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